and i'll walk a little walk and i'll twist a little twist

the ramones with their too small 70's t-shirts, of course, and joey with his skinny arms in the front. next to him is dee dee, then johnny and next to him random drummer. probably marky.

the ramones brothers

i want to live my life

with richie ramone

joey <3 cats

the kids are losing their minds

i just wanna walk right out of this world

with dee dee ramone

don't worry 'bout me

with joan jett, debbie harry and david johansen

"people looked at us like we were from the...from aliens"

does whatever a spider can



det fanns en man som hette joey ramone. han hade en skränig röst, långa smala ben och ovårdad frisyr. han var och är det finaste jag vet. i den här bloggen kommer jag att lägga upp bilder på joey ramone och bilder som har med honom att göra. det här kommer bli fint tror jag.

there once was a man called joey ramone. he had a blatant voice, long skinny legs and an unkempt haircut. he was and is the best i know. in this blog i'll post images of joey ramone and images connected to him. and i think this will be lovely.

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